An encounter with materials and their interaction with the body. The innate, primal feelings of being enveloped by cloth. Fluid silhouettes are dissected, draped, and reconstructed. Feeling connected to nature. Instinctual.

Hides of biomaterial leaves that grow freely on riverbanks and in tropical forests form tailored shapes. Leaves are laid individually and then connected to create a singular piece of fabric, appearing as tailored coats, skirts, cropped jackets, and accenting strappy heels.

Diamond lace shimmers on the body, animating and accentuating movement with fringing. The palette conjures time weathered notes of stone and sand as a foundation, while butter yellow and pistachio appear as light relief and luscious red runs throughout.

Creative Director: Christopher Esber
Styling: Ilona Hamer
Musical Composition: Frédéric Sanchez
Casting: Ikki Casting
Production: Eyesight Group
Lighting Direction: Thierry Dreyfus
Hair: Scott Sloan for L’Oréal Professionnel
Beauty Direction: Filomena Natoli 
Skin: Biologique Recherche
Make Up: Shiseido
Nails: PAX Polish
Wellness: Vida Glow
Runway Photography: Luca Tombolini
Runway Videography: Titre Provisoire